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“Apple more or less invented podcasting”

Next, some lazy journalist is going to claim Google invented blogging. It’s impressive lazy and/or dishonest to make a claim like that. No, Apple didn’t invent podcasting and most podcasts aren’t even using Apple’s infrastructure. It was probably people like … Continue reading

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Signalling is dishonest

When Apple, Microsoft and a host of other companies this summer announced that they would rename a number of coding terms, as they were considered “oppressive metaphors“, I actually got angry. Firstly, the renaming is based on a false premise, … Continue reading

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Smart phone usage predicting personality

I mentioned the Big Five personality traits before; research into personality traits (and “sub-traits”) and smart phone usage appear to show that some traits are correlated to usage: Weather app use predicts conscientiousness Wake-up time predicts ambition Nighttime phone ringing … Continue reading

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DRM as a prison

About Apple and Quartz, but also China and censorship: A secure building that keeps people from leaving is a prison Hardware-backed code signing that is used to prevent people from accessing uncensored news is DRM in the service of authoritarianism. … Continue reading

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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t develop for iOS

… or any other silo for that matter. There used to be a number of screen-use tracking apps on the iPhone, essentially to fight iPhone addiction. Then Apple introduced their own tool for this and started removing the competing apps … Continue reading

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Alexa might spell the end of the independent seller

If invisible interfaces succeed – which I am not entirely sure they will – Alexa will function as a barrier of entry for independents sellers. Which is probably why Amazon is so focused on it. Google, Apple and Microsoft try … Continue reading

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Asking the real questions

I seem to see stories differently from, say, most journalists. This story, about an “exploding” iPad (battery) in an Apple Store, is barely interesting, especially after it turns out there wasn’t any panic and the store reopened the next day. … Continue reading

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“Don’t do evil”

Jeg var en af dem der hoppede på Google’s “don’t be evil” slogan. Det naive deri er, at der er ekstremt få mennesker der faktisk synes at de gør noget forkert. Der er som regel et rationale der kan forklare … Continue reading

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Apple’s sag mod en kunde giver faktisk lidt mening

Angående Apple’s retssag mod en af deres kunder, hvor de insisterede på at måtte foretage en omlevering efter købeloven med en genproduceret telefon, kan man i retsakterne faktisk godt følge argumentationen. Men heldigvis er det irrelevant i forhold til købeloven. Hvad der … Continue reading

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