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Book preferences and personality

This matches me and most of the people I know: There’s a statistically significant correlation between the big five personality traits and book preferences, as described in “Predicting Personality from Book Preferences with User-Generated Content Labels“. The big five are … Continue reading

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Speaking of correlations

Speaking of correlations, there’s apparently a very high correlation between the political affiliation of spouses. Correlation can be between -1 (opposites) and 1 (the same), and in psychology anything reaching .6 is considered massively important. Mates tend to be positively … Continue reading

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Smart phone usage predicting personality

I mentioned the Big Five personality traits before; research into personality traits (and “sub-traits”) and smart phone usage appear to show that some traits are correlated to usage: Weather app use predicts conscientiousness Wake-up time predicts ambition Nighttime phone ringing … Continue reading

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Human facial inferring

I once heard that hiring someone based on your perception within the first 7 seconds of meeting them at an interview gave slightly better results than almost all conventional methods of candidate selection. I don’t know if it is true, … Continue reading

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Windows to your soul

If your eyes is not the windows to your soul, then they are probably windows to your personality traits. At least, that is what this research claim: […] we were able to reliably predict four of the Big Five personality … Continue reading

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