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A last name that was good enough

To follow up on the post yesterday, I have to mention Goodenough. I don’t know who Goodenough Bay is named after, but Goodenough’s Island (now Rarotonga), Goodenough Island (no relation) and Goodenough College are all named after different men with the … Continue reading

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Unfitting last name

Current Chief of Police for the Portland Police Bureau is Danielle Outlaw. I only found out about it through her quotes in this article, but with a name like that I think she has come a long way :-)

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Warren Buffet(t)

There’s a fake twitter profile for Warren Buffett, and I think this is from that but I can’t find the source: “Warren Buffet on what’s cool” saying ‘thank you’ apologizing when wrong showing up on time being nice to strangers … Continue reading

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Two types of people

My mother-in-law found a hotel room for $115 and called to negotiate down to $103. Meanwhile if you told me a room was $103 but for 12 bucks I could book it without talking to anyone, I’d be thrilled. — … Continue reading

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You either die a hero …

Yes, it is one of the many famous and cool quotes from The Dark Knight, but it is also one of those that we have learned are true. Learned the hard way. I think the reason why it happens is … Continue reading

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Windows to your soul

If your eyes is not the windows to your soul, then they are probably windows to your personality traits. At least, that is what this research claim: […] we were able to reliably predict four of the Big Five personality … Continue reading

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Fantasy RPG maps of towns

I have seen a few of these, but this one is quite nice: A procedural generator for fantasy town layouts.

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1.4 million subscribers. 4 years. 140+ videos. $17,000 minus equipment, split between 4 people. (Youtube) They make it work by selling tickets and merchandise.

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Two views of Musk

One, the man should have someone else control his communication. Or, at least, do what any sensible person does, don’t tweet / call / drive / do an interview while high / drunk / manic. Two, it is quite possible … Continue reading

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I recently got an upgrade for a framework I use and saw this in the changes documentation: And I sighed. This is truly bad advice, bad code and we know better! Long passwords are better than requiring mixed case and/or … Continue reading

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