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Uncomfortable thought about Nuclear Energy

Three things I’ve mentioned before: That nuclear power, had it been introduced today, would have been hailed as a saviour of the climate, as it, even sustainably, could provide us clean energy with zero emissions for millennia. Not only safer … Continue reading

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Didn’t see that coming

I get the feeling that I should have. Some time ago, while looking into the extreme claims by Extinction Rebellion about Climate Change, I saw this clip of BBC’s Andrew Neil interviewing XR’s spokesperson, Zion Lights: (Youtube) Lights does not … Continue reading

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Sustainable uranium?

I am convinced that we need to focus on nuclear energy to get our CO2 emissions under control. In fact, if we are ever to get the level of CO2 in the atmosphere down again, we need to not only … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise higher than expected

The estimated future SLR (Sea Level Rise) was just adjusted by IPCC. From the previous report (AR5) the estimate is now about 55 cm over the next 80 years (RCP4.5, range is 39-72 cm)*. In the worst-case scenario it is … Continue reading

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