Signalling is dishonest

When Apple, Microsoft and a host of other companies this summer announced that they would rename a number of coding terms, as they were considered “oppressive metaphors“, I actually got angry.

Firstly, the renaming is based on a false premise, that words are contaminated by their every association. Sure, master has had a very bad meaning in history, in relation to slavery, but I also have a Master’s Degree. Master has lots of meanings and one association does not contaminate all others, no matter what Jacques Derrida and his “traces” and “abscences”.

Secondly, the renaming implies that if I continue to use these coding terms, I am racist, I am oppressive. Now, implying that is offensive.

Thirdly, we just know that this is signalling; the companies are just mouthing along, selling the script but not actually believing anything. Why? Because the companies are no longer personal and private; they are multimillion/-billion dollar public companies and they exist to make money. They will gladly, dishonestly, signal whatever virtue is currently en vogue, while working tirelessly to ensure access to cheap labour no matter the human cost.








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