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Like in a movie from the 90’s

A secure portable drive, with a built-in keypad: It doesn’t look good that the specification can’t decide whether or not it’s a 500 GB drive or a 1 TB drive, but the principle looks good. The password is restricted to … Continue reading

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A useless feature?

I had to try it. PostNord’s mobile app can be used to track packages: This part was intriguing: So I had to try. The camera was then used to scan for surfaces and distance, and then I could place the virtual … Continue reading

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I’ve (almost) done that

At least, I have held the bat up in the hope that it would happen. That counts, right? (Youtube)

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Which hemisphere are you in?

I’ll add this one to one of the millions of ways humans were able to see that the Earth is round and how big it is: The moon is up-side down on the other hemisphere. “From our perspective, the Moon … Continue reading

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Hang in there

The day will come: I have just sold a book that we have had in stock since May 1991. We always knew its day would come. — Broadhursts Bookshop (@BroadhurstBooks) November 17, 2018 I have just sold a book that … Continue reading

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Self-driving is binary

I agree with Alex Roy, self-driving is binary. Either the car can safely bring you from A to B without your attention and action, or not. Self-driving is attainable, even if no-one has achieved it yet.

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The colour wheel question

At some time in the latter half of the 18th century, Moses Harris examined the colours produced by combining red, yellow and blue and in his book “Natural System of Colours” demonstrated the subtractive mixing of colours. His colour wheel from … Continue reading

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I wish this photo was shareable

This photo, which I can’t include here. It seems impossible to imagine a more disappointed owl. I wish the photo was shareable, like with a Creative Commons license.

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Swartz on The Dark Knight trilogy

One of the last essays Aaron Swartz wrote was an analysis of The Dark Knight, seeing it as a conclusion of The Dark Knight trilogy rather than it’s middle point. It’s actually quite an interesting read that leads to Throughout … Continue reading

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Just a First World problem

There are websites where I cannot register as a user because my last name isn’t considered real. This is a variant of the Scunthorpe problem: The Scunthorpe problem is the blocking of websites, e-mails, forum posts or search results by a spam … Continue reading

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