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With the right design, people will not do the wrong thing

This is from Seth Godin’s “Make the sign bigger!“: Make the announcement louder. Make the logo bigger. Yell. Call more people on the phone to sell them an extended warranty. Send more emails. Hustle harder. None of it works. […] … Continue reading

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Subscriptions must be the future

This is one of those predictions I make that I absolutely believe in but also kind of doubt, because they fit so well with how I consume media. Matthew Inman, the artist behind “The Oatmeal“, “Exploding Kittens“, and much more, … Continue reading

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There might be a better way

Pictures of this place are abundant around the internet and of course no-one ever shares a picture where people are using the actual stairs.                      

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Children are advanced readers

This was, perhaps only for a short time, the #1 best seller in’s highly specific category of children’s book on hockey:Thinking back on The Metamorphosis, I can’t recall any references to hockey.               … Continue reading

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This is a model software license

I wrote my master thesis on software licenses and Danish copyright but none of the licenses I examined were this simple and ultimately uncomplicated: Copyright Bouke van der Bijl I do not give anyone permissions to use this tool for … Continue reading

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Gene, meme and …?

I was following a discussion elsewhere and an off-hand remark regarding coding and actual physical things – software vs. hardware – made me think that it would be nice if we had a simple word/sound for that which is between … Continue reading

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Sean Lock

British comedian Sean Lock passed away last week and my Youtube feed has been filled with clips from the shows he has been on. His comedy/quiz show style was uniquely gifted because he could play off the other participants. Best … Continue reading

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Size of cars

I am happy to report that the cars we are looking at to possibly buy are all smaller than some WWII tanks. Whereas…                    

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Cancel culture

(Youtube) Yes, I know it’s more than a year old but it’s still relevant. Besides, Tropic Thunder is a great satire. It is also the best movie Ben Stiller has written and the cast is phenomenal.         … Continue reading

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uBlock Origin

The funny thing about subscribing to a lot of feeds on twitter is that uBlock Origin then has something to do. This is the icon after a couple of hours, telling me that the browser plugin has blocked more than … Continue reading

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