How tri-colour EPDs works

I think this is a very clever solution to making tri-colour e-paper displays (EPDs):


I am pretty sure the additional value of a fourth colour is very low. But I am wondering if a similar trick wouldn’t be possible with larger size negatively charged pigment particles of a fourth colour?

And what colour would be best? I see some tri-colour EPDs come as black/white/yellow instead of black/white/red but would green be suitable for an imagined quad-colour EPD?


















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If only you knew…

I’ve seen this play out, on social media and in the old days: “If only you knew the whole story…”

So, when the brilliant writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie published her “reflection” last month this part stood out in particular:

She also suggests that there is some dark, shadowy ‘more’ to tell that she won’t tell, with an undertone of “if only you knew the whole story.”

It is a manipulative way of lying. By suggesting there is ‘more’ when you know very well that there isn’t, you do sufficient reputational damage while also being able to plead deniability. Innuendo without fact is immoral.
— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie















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An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life — becoming a better person.
Leo Tolstoy, “Path of Life”













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Drawing conclusions

If an entire human being can be judged by one tweet, imagine what one twitter persona can do to an entire social movement.

Look deeper, look wider, before you draw conclusions—if you must conclude at all.
Benjamin Boyce

Though I still believe Maya Angelou was right on this one:

When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.












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The Tunguska Event

The Tunguska Event in 1908 is one of those mysteries that kept being brought up, obviously because it could not be explained. But I missed the story of the most likely explanation of what caused an explosion powerful enough to flatten more than 2,000 km² of forest: A metal asteroid grazing the atmosphere, an asteroid most likely still orbiting the sun.















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Darwin on marriage

Charles Darwin may have taken rationality a bit too far:

In 1838, at the tender age of twenty-nine, Charles Darwin’s thoughts began to turn to marriage. By that point in his life, he was a rather accomplished young man. He’d spent five years circumnavigating the globe as ship’s naturalist on HMS Beagle, and he’d since established a solid reputation as a scientist and respectable member of British society. It was time, he decided, to think about tying the knot. Darwin being Darwin, he approached this assignment in a methodical and logical manner: He drew up a list of pros and cons. Here’s how the great naturalist’s thinking went.


Children – (if it Please God) – Constant companion, (& friend in old age) who will feel interested in one, – object to be beloved&played with. – – better than a dog anyhow. – Home,&someone to take care of house – Charms of music&female chit-chat. – These things good for one’s health. – but terrible loss of time. – My God, it is intolerable to think of spending one’s whole life, like a neuter bee, working, working,&nothing after all. – No, no won’t do. – Imagine living all one’s day solitarily in smoky dirty London House. – Only picture to yourself a nice soft wife on a sofa with good fire,&books&music perhaps. – Compare this vision with the dingy reality of Grt. Marlbro’ St.

Not Marry

Freedom to go where one liked – choice of Society&little of it. – Conversation of clever men at clubs – Not forced to visit relatives,&to bend in every trifle. – to have the expense & anxiety of children – perhaps quarelling – Loss of time. – cannot read in the Evenings – fatness & idleness – Anxiety & responsibility – less money for books &c – if many children forced to gain one’s bread. – (But then it is very bad for one’s health to work too much) Perhaps my wife won’t like London; then the sentence is banishment & degradation into indolent, idle fool –
— Steve Stewart-Williams, “The Ape that Understood the Universe”

He ended up choosing to marry and by all accounts it was a happy marriage.













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First Blood

Revisiting some movie classic from my youth, I came across “First Blood“. I remember watching it on VHS a number of times. And it’s still rather good.

I can’t explain why I never watched any of the other Rambo movies but to this day, I don’t actually want to. This movie works; both as self-contained and as a thought-provoking action movie, with multiple many-faceted characters.

Reading about the movie I was surprised that the first rough cut was more than 3 hours long and so absolutely bad that Sylvester Stallone wanted to buy the rights so he could destroy it, rather than risk it killing his career. A very successful edit brought the movie down to just over 1½ hours (and seriously – how did they pack so much story into that short a movie?) and the action classic it is.













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Sikker e-mail fra Tryg

Hvad betyder det her egentlig?

Ikke overraskende optrådte denne linie i bunden af en e-mail fra Tryg og jeg er ikke i tvivl om at det er meningen at man skal forstå at der en værdi i indholdet af linien.

Men hvordan sikker? Krypteret? For umiddelbart ser det ud til at indholdet var krypteret i transmissionen fra Tryg’s mailserver til min mailserver. Men er det nok til at være sikker?

Og grunden til at jeg overvejer det er, at der ikke er noget tjek af om den rette modtager har fået mailen, eller at det kun er rette modtager der kunne læse mailen. Det ved jeg, for jeg er ikke den rette modtager.

Mailen blev sendt til en forkert adresse som er en catch-all adresse på et domæne jeg kontrollerer pt, hvorefter mailen blev sendt videre – heldigvis også krypteret, men hvad hjælper det her – til min private e-mail adresse. Hvor jeg kunne læse indholdet, selvom jeg ikke er rette modtager.

Jeg har selvfølgelig kontaktet Tryg og orienteret dem om at mailen endte det forkerte sted, og slettet mailen der ikke vedrørte mig.

Jeg synes bare ikke det lyder sikkert.














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Jack & James

Some stories just need to be told. Like that of James “Jumper” Wide and his pet Jack, a chacma baboon, that worked as signalman (signalmen?) on the South African railway:

James “Jumper” Wide worked in the late 19th century for the Cape Town-Port Elizabeth Railway service and was known for jumping between railcars. That ended in an accident where he lost both of his legs, so to help him perform the job as signalman – and push his wheelchair – he bought Jack.

Someone noticed the baboon changing the railway signals and reported it, but after investigating the railway officially employed Jack as he was always working under supervision and, apparently, quite competently.

Wide kept an important key in his signal box. It unlocked the points that enabled locomotive drivers to reach the coal-sheds. Whenever a driver wanted it, he gave four blasts on his whistle and Wide would trotter out on his crutches and hold up the key. Jack watched this performance for a few days, then raced out with the key as soon as he heard the four blasts. Thereafter it became one of his duties.

Finally the time came when Wide was able to entrust the signal levers to the baboon. Wide would hold up one or two fingers and Jack would then pull the correct lever. He always looked at his master for confirmation. In the end, the baboon needed no instructions from his master. Jack really knew which lever to operate for each approaching train, and caught the various offerings thrown to him by passengers.
— “The baboon that worked for the railroad











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The OnlyFans question

I’ve learned that whenever I think masses of people are being stupid, I’m the one who’s being stupid. I just don’t understand them, but if I did, I’d learn something about the real world and human psychology.
— Charlie Houpert, “The Surprising Psychology of OnlyFans Simps

I recommend the video because, apart from that great quote above, it does answer a question I simply wasn’t able to answer myself: Why do people use that platform?

And specifically on people using OnlyFans:

My personal take is that this isn’t great for the customer. If you bypass the challenges of relating to other people, you deprive yourself of life’s major catalyst for personal growth. Instead of building hard-won character traits that can last a lifetime you rely on cash to maintain relationships, that are comfortable and pleasing to you. So my humble recommendation is to avoid paying for connection. Risk rejection to develop the skills and the character traits that make you someone people want to be around, and someone that can handle the problems that arise when other people aren’t being paid to be friendly. It’s certainly slower and more difficult but I believe that it’s ultimately more rewarding […]
— Charlie Houpert














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