About tomorrow’s climate strike

Or, as this is more about marketing than reality I’d probably need to write it as “Climate Strike”:

American teens are now afraid, angry and helpless. But this feeling is the result of a sham; the world is not ending. There is no climate crisis.

We cannot stop the world at 1.5℃. We can only stop at 2℃ if we stop emissions now; this will impoverish billions and lead to massive social unrest, and if history is any guide, violent deaths.

We can stop at 3.5℃ if we want to, while at the same time almost eliminate extreme poverty, malnutrition and deaths from preventable diseases.

I am not saying 3.5℃ is good; I am saying it is realistic and it will not kill us. Global warming, or climate change if you want to be coy about it, is a problem but it is not the end of the world.


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Etymological misdirections

TIL: The word “nice” comes from “ignorant”.

Also, do not look up “fascinate” if you are at work.

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Hexadecimal numbers, as text

TIL: Someone tried to introduce a naming-scheme for hexadecimal numbers:

I don’t think dotty-ernest annty-frost will take off (the number 57007, or hexadecimal DEAF). The image is apparently a magazine page from 1968.

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Political ads

I know I prefer to be without political ads in my country, but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the most American of political ads every once in a while:


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Tough crowd


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Climate and energy – burning hydrates

I am not saying this is good, I just want to point something out:

  1. Energy security is important for a nation; climate will in most countries be a lower priority
  2. Coal, oil and gas are easy as energy security, if available; wind and solar are unsuitable for this purpose
  3. There’s a possibility that it will be possible to replace c/o/g with methane hydrates; this will be available to almost all developing nations; it will not be carbon neutral

I don’t believe that we will get to zero-emissions this century. Only plus side relating to climate to item (3) above is that a technology similar to extracting hydrates could possibly be used the other way, as a carbon capture. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Additionally, the fight for the Arctic will not just be over oil and gas, but also hydrates; same will happen in the South China Sea.

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Procrastination is the theft of peace from tomorrow


[…] procrastination is a great way to solve the kinds of problems that tend to solve themselves

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New Orange

TIL: New York City, which had previously been called New Amsterdam, was, during the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672-1674) briefly renamed New Orange.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Also, New York City was not named after the city of York, but after the then-Duke of York, later King James II.

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The Last Internet Poll

Do we really need to say more?


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2 sides and 32 stories

I don’t really want to pile on the Epstein horrors, but I have friends who fall into this trap:

Depressingly predictable how people immediately blame Epstein’s death on their own side’s bogeymen.

When your existence is defined by what you hate, you start to see it everywhere.

For a more realistic perspective on Epstein’s death, I suggest american attorney Ken White’s “Thirty-Two Short Stories About Death in Prison“.

White has previously written about Epstein’s plea deal.

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