Water, Helium and iPhones

I just got a new iPhone which apparently should be safe(-ish) at a depth of 2 meters of water in up to 30 minutes (IP68).

But not near Helium.

Exposing iPhone to environments having high concentrations of industrial chemicals, including near evaporating liquified gasses such as helium, may damage or impair iPhone functionality. … If your device has been affected and shows signs of not powering on, the device can typically be recovered.  Leave the unit unconnected from a charging cable and let it air out for approximately one week. The helium must fully dissipate from the device, and the device battery should fully discharge in the process.  After a week, plug your device directly into a power adapter and let it charge for up to one hour.  Then the device can be turned on again.

Apparently the small-molecule gases can interfere with the new small and low power oscillator that has replaced the quartz oscillator that was present in older models.

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Cat, meet Box

All cats we had loved boxes. Also hiding under chairs and apparently the reason is the same:


The boxes are hiding places to wait for prey to pass by.

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And that is why Trump might win, again

Did you hear that CNN’s Jim Acosta was barred from White House press conferences? That CNN sues the president and others over this?

Oh, did you hear that this happened in the aftermath of the firing of Jeff Sessions and the legally-questionable appointment of Matthew Whitaker?

I don’t think the Acosta farce was planned beforehand, but when it came to be, the opportunity to divert the attention was taken – and now the media talk about the ridiculous barring and not the man appointed to stop Mueller’s investigation.

The press (American and here) are too easily distracted. The American opposition is too easily distracted.

All democracies need a strong opposition and an intelligent press.

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Tourist complaining about too many tourists

I like Jonathan Zdziarski, who, after having been an expert in iOS security for years, last year was hired by Apple. Apart from writing about IT security, he also writes about morality, travel and photography. And I get what he means when he laments the effects of tourism on Iceland in “Tourism is Changing the Face of Iceland“.

But it is ironic, coming from a tourist who previously enjoyed traveling to the very same areas. Zdziarski feels that the new tourists don’t understand what was great about coming there, before they did.

I recognize the feeling and I think most people who have visited the same place over some time will; things change. Sometimes for the better, but since we are probably returning to places that we already liked, it is likely that the changes are to something else, something different, something not for us.

And that’s life. We haven’t lost our experiences from the other visits. And that has to be good enough.

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Word Play Hotel


Foil Arms and Hog have many videos.

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100 years

100 years ago, today, now.

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Williams and Formula 1

Williams make fast cars. The only cars faster are Formula 1 cars.

But I liked the documentary about Sir Frank Williams, “Williams“.

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I like these T-shirt designs

I like these T-shirt designs, especially this Earth-to-Mars design.

Simple and communicative.

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Looking for the unintentional consequences

This was predictable:


A man uses the “summon” feature of his Tesla car to avoid parking tickets.

I think it is likely that we, at some point in the future, will have self-driving cars circling our city streets, in a holding pattern waiting for their owners to call on them; as parking is becoming sparser, this is logical.

Of course, the best possible future of self-driving cars will be using them as cheap and available taxis, reducing much of the need for owning cars yourself.

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Dumb criminals

Lowering the Bar regularly feature stories about criminals trying to escape by water, something that almost always fails. I think this is a good example of other things you shouldn’t do, if you have decided to become a criminal: Don’t supply the video evidence against you, yourself.


The kid that ran was physically unharmed, but still.

The wise choice would of course have been not to shoot at another person, when that person was a boy merely asking for directions.

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