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Keeping secrets from parents

Scotland is on a roll and the thing about rolling downhill is that the speed keeps increasing. To a point. Hate speech has been criminalised. Arguing for women’s rights is considered hate speech, and therefore criminal. Now children down to … Continue reading

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Siri, how many of my photos did you send to the government today?

The meme above was shared by Edward Snowden as the story is unfolding. See also this: “Apple explains how iPhones will scan photos for child-sexual-abuse images“. Now, how could anyone possibly have any problem with that? The way this will … Continue reading


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Scotland vs. women

For anyone that has been following stories of hate crime criminalisation around the world, this will not be a surprise: A Scottish woman has been charged with a hate crime for tweeting. The exact tweet is undisclosed at the moment … Continue reading

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