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The best decade yet

In the 2010s 28% of all the wealth mankind has ever created (measured as GDP per capita), was created in these ten years Extreme poverty more than halved, from 18.2% to 8.6%. The number of poor was reduced by 158,000 … Continue reading

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Another name that is a bit unfortunate

The Emergency Management Commissioner in Australia’s Victoria State, who deals with the dangerous wild-fires that are ongoing there, is called Andrew Crisp. I’ve previously mentioned the many men named Goodenough, the unfortunate mr. Dick Pick and Chief of Police Danielle … Continue reading

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Lack of self-awareness

This post by former US President Barack Obama shows a complete lack of self-awareness: As we wind down 2019, I wanted to share with you my annual list of favorites that made the last year a little brighter. We’ll start … Continue reading

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When people say something has gotten worse, they usually only mean that they used to be younger. (twitter) I, too, used to be younger :-)

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Why you don’t talk to the police

This talk by James Duane and George Bruch is about USA: (Youtube) In Denmark, where the legal system is very different, I’ll still advice you to have legal representation with you, at the minimum from the moment the police informs … Continue reading

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Trolls and Troll culture

From Mikhaila Peterson: So how did we get here? Well, a couple of things have led to this troll culture we live in. The first was the uniting power of the internet. Most people are fairly agreeable, or society wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Ready or Not

As a black comedy horror thriller, “Ready or Not” delivers. Despite my recent experience of watching a movie that was well reviewed, these reviews gave me more confidence in the movie and I decided to give it a chance. Some … Continue reading

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Parthian shot

Today I learned that “parting shot” is probably a verbal variation on “Parthian shot“, a military tactic where Parthian horse archers in feigned or real retreat would fire their arrows back at a pursuing enemy.

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I kinda need this (imgur)            

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The safe truth

I think this is a troll question: If it were true that there are racial differences in behaviour & intelligence, would you rather that scientists continued to teach that there are no differences (to minimise bigotry), or that they began … Continue reading

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