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It isn’t surveillance capitalism

I hear people complain about surveillance capitalism, corporations buying and selling personal and private information about people en masse, but I think this is a misunderstanding that will stop us from solving the problem. A story about someone looking through … Continue reading

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AI snake oil

These slides from “How to recognize AI snake oil” by Arvind Narayanan does a pretty good job of putting AI – really Machine Learning, ML – capabilities in perspective. There’s a great example in them of machine learning being given … Continue reading

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Who are you against?

Seventh law: Oppressors use their best tools against those they fear the most This is often correlated with the fifth law: Negative consequences of data linking will be disproportionally larger for the poorest, those less able to defend themselves.

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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Continue reading

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Data modeling always fails

Sixth law: Data modeling always fails, given enough time. This means that the model either evolves, or restricts the actions of the people using the model. A data model has to balance flexibility and efficiency and you can’t have both … Continue reading

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Colour me surprised; it was surveillance, after all

Well, I wasn’t alone in stating that more than a year ago but still some pretend to be surprised. In short a new law in Denmark seek to pinpoint children in social risk by linking existing data sources. Laudable, but … Continue reading

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Laws of surveillance, data and life

I have written about this before, but only in Danish. First law: Everything you write will be read. Everything you say will be heard. Everything you do will be seen. Second law: All data that can be linked will be … Continue reading

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