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Endnu en gang om politik og værdier

Anna Thygesen har en blog på jp.dk* og skrev for nogle dage siden om hvor træt hun var af valgkampen men også om hvilke værdier hun ville afgive sin stemme efter. Hendes liste af værdier kan jeg godt lide: Empati … Læs resten

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Science and politics

To followup on climate politics, this piece reminds us that The fundamental problem is that science can only ever be a point of departure for normative decision-making and political action. The language of the students’ activism […] treats science as … Læs resten

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Why do passionate employees suffer burnout?

My impression is that passionate employees end up suffering from burnout more often than others. I thought that this had a lot to do with the long term quality and efficiency decline that follows from working long hours, but this … Læs resten

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Ticket to Mars

Or, at least my boarding pass: A fun offer from NASA for their upcoming, unmanned, Mars mission next year.

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Sorting of Korean words

As an aside to my “Sorting of Danish words“, I just found Mark Jason Dominus’ “Alphabetical order in Korean” where I learned how individual letters are written in Korean and that alphabetization is also done on the syllable level. Man, … Læs resten

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Digital elections

I know that many people are surprised by this, but there is no currently existing way to securely hold an election digitally. It’s not that we lack the technology to do so, we lack a valid theory of how it … Læs resten

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Climate politics

With an increased pressure to make upcoming elections be on climate politics I found this thread instructive, after the failure of making the elections in Australia about climate (links added by me): The strategy of sowing fear, speaking of disaster … Læs resten

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More good advice for privacy and security

From NordVPN, “20 bad Internet behaviors – and how to fix them” is worth a read. I like how NordVPN continues to communicate. And I also like this meme: (from this picture)

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An update on Boeing 737 MAX

It appears that my hopes will come true: EASA is independently reviewing the revised designs for Boeing 737 MAX before allowing it to fly again in Europe. Obviously, as previously told, having EASA base their certification on FAA having allowed … Læs resten

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I am not surprised that it looks like low fertility follows after low child mortality. In this animation, most countries move left (low risk of child dying) before moving down (fewer children per woman): Amazing animation by @countcarbon showing the demographic … Læs resten

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