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I still hope for fusion energy

And yet, I still believe that we are at a stage where it is forever 15 years in the future. This, in spite of hopeful messages in recent research, like those in “Validating the physics behind the new MIT-designed fusion … Continue reading

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Hunted by dinosaurs

The largest animal in the world, ever, is the Blue Whale. However, the fastest animal alive today, is a small carnivorous dinosaur, the falco peregrinus. The peregrine falcon. It preys mainly on other dinosaurs, which it strikes and kills in midair … Continue reading

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Compared to our ancestors

Our ancestors have likely done things they shouldn’t have done, at least according to modern morals or ethics. I have one fairly recent ancestor who wrote in his memoir about one thing he knew he shouldn’t have done, and considering … Continue reading

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Leaving the nest

This is an interesting map: I wonder if a map of student stipends compared to cost of living would look much the same. (via)                      

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Helping others

[…] it’s not about how much better helping makes you feel, but about how much good you are actually doing. — Martin Lukas                          

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All men are created equal

But somehow, some think that means “all are literally identical” which it of course doesn’t. It is an ethical claim. People vary by individual, sex and population. And they all have equal inherent dignity. — Another misunderstanding related to this, … Continue reading

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Just as hypocrisy can be used strategically, lies can as well: Among individuals who are opposed to the established political system, liars are appealing because their behavior signals disrespect for establishment norms such as truth-telling […] creates the paradox that … Continue reading

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Persistence through Revolutions

In Mao’s China, the former landlords and rich peasants were stripped of their possessions and their children were barred from going to university. So the descendants of these people could not inherit any wealth from them, nor could they gain … Continue reading

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Sycophancy is a race to the bottom

Protip for people considering sycophancy as an advancement strategy — someone else can always sycophant harder. — Ken White And this is one of the many reasons I do not understand sycophancy; it is a race to the bottom and … Continue reading

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