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Facebook accidentally accessing your camera

At this point, why bother? Facebook users, who really should reconsider their life choices right about now, are noticing that Facebook’s iOS app is accessing their iPhone or iPad camera while they’re doing completely unrelated things, like skimming their FB … Læs resten

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Facebook is not free speech

Read Jon Evans’ “Facebook isn’t free speech, it’s algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage“, as a response to Mark Zuckerberg’s self-made revisionist speech about Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg striding purposefully down a hallway, but unsure of where he is going. It's like a metaphor come to life https://t.co/wYK9eHu55E — Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) September 19, 2019 (twitter)

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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Læs resten

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More good advice for privacy and security

From NordVPN, “20 bad Internet behaviors – and how to fix them” is worth a read. I like how NordVPN continues to communicate. And I also like this meme: (from this picture)

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How to demonstrate power, the Facebook way

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, called for its break-up, as it had become too powerful. Facebook then sent its VP of Global Affairs and Communications (“PR”), Nick Glegg, to rebut. Or as the American attorney Zephyr Teachout translated it: Zuckerberg: … Læs resten

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Change your passwords, now

People tend to use the same password more than one place Facebook stored the passwords of users in plain text, discoverable at least by Facebook employees, since 2012 Culture eats strategy for breakfast. But, in the case of Facebook culture … Læs resten

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What Facebook did right

I am no fan of Facebook but I have to respect professional contrarian Dave Winer’s point, that Facebook enabled everyone to post anything online. This is what they did right and I (and Winer) can keep saying that everyone should have … Læs resten

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When the left turn to the feudal overlords

Deplatforming works; forcing a platform, like Facebook or Twitter, to remove a user so that user can no longer use the platform absolutely works. A crazy person like Alex Jones and his fake news Infowars is not missed, but of … Læs resten

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That list is not complete

Wired’s “The 21 (and counting) biggest Facebook Scandals of 2018” is, by its nature, incomplete. I don’t think you can even close that list till we are in 2019… there are still days left of 2018 and with the rate … Læs resten

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