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“Fact” checking at Facebook

A couple of months ago journalist John Stossel had a post on forest fires and climate on Facebook marked as “false and misleading”. He got in contact with the fact checkers, an organisation called Climate Feedback and they acknowledged that … Continue reading

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I’d do this too

Dave Kellett rewrote William Carlos Williams’ old poem for the modern day – click on the image to read the rest:                      

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So, about Facebook going offline

For those that didn’t notice, Facebook had an extensive period downtime due to a simple mistake: a bunch of friends have texted me asking for a basic explanation as to what the hell happened to knock off all of Facebook … Continue reading

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Subscriptions must be the future

This is one of those predictions I make that I absolutely believe in but also kind of doubt, because they fit so well with how I consume media. Matthew Inman, the artist behind “The Oatmeal“, “Exploding Kittens“, and much more, … Continue reading

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It should be no surprise that I subscribe to / “follow” people who might be blocked by current social media policies. This comment about a temporary ban on Facebook was interesting: Exactly those two points are interesting. Did she get … Continue reading

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Can anyone spot the missing category?

Not mine, but someone else received this not-very-nice message from Zoom: Their “Community Standards” page reads, in part, We believe that hateful conduct is conduct that promotes violence against or directly attacks or threatens other people on the basis of … Continue reading

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Statsministeren på Facebook

OPDATERING: Jeg tog fejl i nedenstående – forudsat man går igennem accepten af de cookies som Facebook som kræver. — Jeg synes ikke det er korrekt at Statsministeren, i sin funktion som netop Statsminister, skriver til befolkningen på Facebook. Så … Continue reading

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Facebook and video games

A quote from someone, who is obviously a lot younger than I: Facebook has done to our parents, Boomers, and elderly what they said video games would do to us. That doesn’t make it any less true, especially after a … Continue reading

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More than 10 years of blogging

Well, September 1st passed and I could have celebrated 10 years of blogging by then, at least 10 years on this blog. This is the first blog I started that I actually managed to keep going and at 10 years, … Continue reading

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The Zuck Doctrine of management

The Zuck Doctrine of management is push to the extreme, see what you can get away with, and then apologize and try to shift attention elsewhere. — Om Malik Also, why haven’t you deleted your Facebook account?       … Continue reading

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