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The Burberry* rebranding went as well as one might expect: This reminds me of the perils of rebranding. In the words of Mark Ritson: […] this is rebranding, which I regard as the most asymmetrical corporate strategy of them all. There … Læs resten

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The end

Tomorrow is the end of my experiment with the domain tilkampmodskraldet.dk. (linked posts are here and here) I bought the domain because I kept seeing posters and stickers around Aarhus, advertising the site. The problem was that the site had … Læs resten

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Social mobility – we are not doing badly in Denmark

If we look at the part of social mobility that indicates how long it would take to move from the bottom 10% family income to the mean income, Denmark has the shortest time. 2 generations, while the OECD average is … Læs resten

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It turns out, though, that when your reality is based on actual reality, it’s a lot more stable and resilient, because you don’t have to be so vigilant about what you’re going to filter out. — Seth Godin Which is … Læs resten

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Star Wars

How Star Wars was saved in the edit: (Youtube)

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Debatten om privat- og friskoler

Min dreng går på en friskole som vi er meget glade for. Valget var ikke som sådan et fravalg af de lokale kommuneskoler, men et tilvalg af en skole vi mente ville passe os bedre. Det tilvalg gør også at … Læs resten

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BitTorrent has found a way to combat online piracy

By corruption. BitTorrent Inc., maintainers of the BitTorrent protocol and one of the clients, have recently been bought by TRON, a company that works in the field of cryptocurrencies. Earlier this month this announced plans to combine torrenting, seeding and … Læs resten

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Regarding digital evidence

Following up on the post about piracy and liability, I think we need a serious discussion about digital evidence. I have a big issue with digital evidence, as I know that it is entirely possible to produce data that looks … Læs resten

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Free speech

Dave Winer: If you fight for free speech only for people who agree with you then you are not for free speech. The problem as I experience it is, that most of the people I am opposed to don’t actually … Læs resten

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Some piracy, liability and privacy considerations

Intellectual property piracy is illegal. We can argue about fair use or the European equivalent legal theories, about orphaned work, about what piracy offers of opportunities for licenseholders etc. but there is no doubt that it is illegal. But in … Læs resten

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