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Subscriptions must be the future

This is one of those predictions I make that I absolutely believe in but also kind of doubt, because they fit so well with how I consume media. Matthew Inman, the artist behind “The Oatmeal“, “Exploding Kittens“, and much more, … Continue reading

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uBlock Origin

The funny thing about subscribing to a lot of feeds on twitter is that uBlock Origin then has something to do. This is the icon after a couple of hours, telling me that the browser plugin has blocked more than … Continue reading

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Any sufficiently advanced bureaucracy …

Any sufficiently advanced bureaucracy is indistinguishable from incompetence. Yes, this is a riff on Clarke’s third law and I think it is the most consistent explanation of a lot of phenomena that we see in the world. It doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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That’s just guessing

I cross-post from this blog to Twitter and sometimes LinkedIn, and on Twitter I follow a some interesting people. That means that Twitter by now have built a substantial dataset of what I am interested in and what kind of … Continue reading

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Why moderation at scale doesn’t work

Writing about PayPal reminded me of that time Archie McPhee “We Make Weird” – currently selling a plastic “Squirrel In Underpants Nodder” – was unable to sell “Tardigrade Ornaments” online. Tardigrade as in Waterbears, those adorable microscopic creatures that live … Continue reading

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Can anyone spot the missing category?

Not mine, but someone else received this not-very-nice message from Zoom: Their “Community Standards” page reads, in part, We believe that hateful conduct is conduct that promotes violence against or directly attacks or threatens other people on the basis of … Continue reading

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One more time, on tribalism: The internet has proved that tribalism is scalable. — Ray Blanchard A friend of mine sometimes dips his toes into some of the more emotional topics online and once he challenges something that is considered … Continue reading

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This is a test

I am testing something related to the new version of WordPress that WordPress.com uses. While I am not a fan of the (new-ish) Gutenberg editor, I am intrigued by a feature for posting on Twitter they are advertising. So, this … Continue reading

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Sometimes irony happens naturally

This twitter timeline is something: For context, Patrick Moore is one of the founders of Greenpeace but they have long since parted ways and very much so. Not on the original policy but in the climate debate, I believe it … Continue reading

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When the left turn to the feudal overlords

Deplatforming works; forcing a platform, like Facebook or Twitter, to remove a user so that user can no longer use the platform absolutely works. A crazy person like Alex Jones and his fake news Infowars is not missed, but of … Continue reading

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