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Back when I screwed up the ranking of a site

This is not my proudest moment because I knew better: Once I screwed up the Google ranking of a client site. We were doing a semi-major overhaul of the site and shortly after going into production, the ranking of the … Continue reading

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Google News

Thomas Baekdal (previously) responds to the story that “Google won’t pay french publishers for snippets” with a thread: I got an email this morning asking for my views on 'Google won't pay french publishers for snippets" … so here is … Continue reading

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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Continue reading

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Alexa might spell the end of the independent seller

If invisible interfaces succeed – which I am not entirely sure they will – Alexa will function as a barrier of entry for independents sellers. Which is probably why Amazon is so focused on it. Google, Apple and Microsoft try … Continue reading

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Tag ved lære af Danske Bank

Anders Heide Mortensen skrev i går følgende: Hold op med at omskrive historien, Danske Bank-medarbejdere. I en årrække leverede jeres mikroskopiske, inferiøre afdeling i Estland hver tiende overskudskrone, jeres bank tjente. Hver tiende. Filialen høvlede penge hjem til jeres koncern, som … Continue reading

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The creepiness factor

I just bought a rather specific piece of clothing. I didn’t search for it, I knew exactly which website I needed to go to order it, went there and purchased it. The day after, Youtube started recommending me videos of … Continue reading

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About those “100s are reading your Gmail” articles

So, Wall Street Journal has published a story about hundreds of people reading your email on Gmail. The article is being a paywall, but other publications have been kind enough to reproduce the important bits, like BoingBoing and others. The important … Continue reading

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Google not being evil

While Google was created with the words “Don’t be evil” as its foundation – later replaced by the parent company Alphabet’s “Do the right thing” – we have long known that the company no longer adhered to this slogan. I … Continue reading

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Google’s sociale netværk

Er det ikke sjovt at Google (eller rettere, Alphabet) først for nylig opdagede at de allerede havde et socialt netværk og at det faktisk er en succes? Ja, naturligvis ikke Google+, men Youtube.

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“Don’t do evil”

Jeg var en af dem der hoppede på Google’s “don’t be evil” slogan. Det naive deri er, at der er ekstremt få mennesker der faktisk synes at de gør noget forkert. Der er som regel et rationale der kan forklare … Continue reading

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