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The legacy of Google Reader

I used Google Reader until it was discontinued at Google and yes, it taught me a valuable lesson: Don’t trust a tool from Google. I use Feedly now. They have one product. I still see, after 8 years, people mentioning … Continue reading

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One of those Gmail features that sound great on paper

If you get a confirmation email for an event, a restaurant or hotel, Google will likely add this to your Calendar automatically. This sounds great on paper and once I found out, I disabled the feature for my account. Which … Continue reading

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Why we hate algorithms

I recently bought something for my car and in the process, I did a Google search for items like that. I bought the item the day in a store but that day and the following week, I kept getting ads … Continue reading

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Aesthetics vs. usability

I am not the only one who thinks the Google app icons are confusing: Not even aesthetics, but mere uniformity. Managers drive changes like this, not artists. — Paul Graham Violates the 1st principle of effortless seeing (thanks to cog … Continue reading

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My rainbow and blue phone

Recently my phone turned a combination of rainbows and blue: The apps I’ve installed started to change their logo, something that is always a challenge to users. Every Google app turned to a rainbow. My productivity apps turned blue. So … Continue reading

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Something is wrong with Google’s search

On a suggestion from a friend I have begun to use other search engines if I am looking for information that is old or that is considered non-politically correct. The experience is a bit weird. One the one hand, Google … Continue reading

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Deprecation is bit-rot

dep•re•cate: 3. To mark (a component of a software standard) as obsolete to warn against its use in the future so that it may be phased out. bit rot: The inability to access digital data over time. Google has a … Continue reading

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Smart phone usage predicting personality

I mentioned the Big Five personality traits before; research into personality traits (and “sub-traits”) and smart phone usage appear to show that some traits are correlated to usage: Weather app use predicts conscientiousness Wake-up time predicts ambition Nighttime phone ringing … Continue reading

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Back when I screwed up the ranking of a site

This is not my proudest moment because I knew better: Once I screwed up the Google ranking of a client site. We were doing a semi-major overhaul of the site and shortly after going into production, the ranking of the … Continue reading

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Google News

Thomas Baekdal (previously) responds to the story that “Google won’t pay french publishers for snippets” with a thread: I got an email this morning asking for my views on 'Google won't pay french publishers for snippets" … so here is … Continue reading

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