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And pigs may fly…

I don’t know if this video is fake, as the highest* jump by a pig according to Guinness World Records is 70 cm, but it is fun nonetheless. (Youtube) *) Had a typo where I wrote “hoghest”. Maybe I should … Continue reading

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Matador / Monopoly

For at citere bloggen Superkultur, spil andre spil! Jeg spillede Matador da jeg var barn og ung og jeg har ingen nostalgiske følelser om det. Jeg forstår ikke det tiltrækkende i spillet og jeg blev heller ikke specielt overrasket da … Continue reading

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Kafka would not have been proud

He would have been right. In case you have missed it, read Ibrahim Diallo’s “The Machine Fired Me“, of how he was fired prematurely from his contract and it took 3 weeks for anyone to be able to correct the … Continue reading

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Pirate customers

Surprising – or not, if you thought a little about it – consumers who stream or download pirated media often search for that media through legitimate channels first. But if it is unavailable / require a subscription to complete streaming … Continue reading

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Breakage as the ultimate developer sin

I think backward compatibility is the most important thing to consider when developing a product. I understand there can be a reason for breaking compatibility, but the choice of doing so is made by the developer and the cost of … Continue reading

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No, we didn’t believe the Earth was flat

Earth is not flat and we didn’t believe it was flat in the Middle Ages. I doubt the vikings believed it and in fact we know that at least as far back as the ancient greeks, people knew the Earth … Continue reading

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Too hot to handle

We recently bought a new laptop and then I saw this review of gaming laptops. We didn’t buy a gaming laptop as such, but this section about the Razer Blade 2016 – the more recent Razer Blades use less-than-optimal-for-gaming graphics … Continue reading

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I don’t get a lot of traffic to my blog, but I do get some (and thank you for that!) I don’t obsess about it either, but logging into the WordPress back-end, the most recent statistics are shown to me … Continue reading

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End users

😡 PSA: END USERS ARE NOT STUPID, THEY'RE JUST NOT INTIMATELY FAMILIAR WITH YOUR PRODUCTS. Making assumptions about background and setting up intellectual barriers – in documentation, in release notes, in error messages – helps no one, and discourages use … Continue reading

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Everyone should have a blog. But nothing lasts forever and even though WordPress is the giant it is today and seem capable of going on forever, there are no guarantees. So, as with any other choice of platform, you should … Continue reading

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