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Looks painful

(Youtube) From a redditor: Ooh, zoologist reporting in! Camel mouths are full of cone-shaped papillae that look like this. These protrusions are partly keratinised – keratin being the hard stuff your nails are made out of – which makes them tough … Continue reading

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Cold as …

Suffering through the heat of this summer, this paper describes the recent measurement of the coldest temperature on Earth ever: -98℃. That is so cold CO₂ would be a liquid. Chloride would too. Unsurprising, breathing air that cold would kill … Continue reading

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Efter at stort set have ignoreret det en dags tid eller deromkring, vil jeg komme med et politisk indspark. For omkring 20 år siden var det et seriøst, omend upopulært, forslag. I dag er det en joke. Det pudsige ved … Continue reading

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Bankpakke II

Jeg kan huske at en ven skrev forarget om bankpakkerne, at det ikke kunne være rimeligt at bankerne bare fik penge af staten. Det var selvfølgelig baseret på en historie fra Enhedslisten og troværdigheden var allerede i bund inden den … Continue reading

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The Instagram algorithm

Trying to head of negative reports on the Instagram algorithm – in face of the trouble their parent company Facebook has run into – Instagram chose to present theirs to the press. The three main signals are Interests (similar content), … Continue reading

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Fun and important

This is fun: (Youtube) It is also important. Because sometimes we should take a step back and examine our actions and see if possibly, we are the baddies.

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In 240 million years

In 240 million years, this will be great place to build a house: Ancient Earth. — Also, this is the first time I can use the tag Pangaea. — Then there’s this animation that also covers the predicted movement of … Continue reading

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Drone saving

This time it was the other way around; guys saving their drone as its battery is failing: (Youtube) The last time it was a lot more important but strangely not as exciting.

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The Zebra’s Camouflage

The lions and other predators take down the weak prey, right? Wrong. They take down the identifiable prey. The zebra is camouflaged to be impossible to distinguish as an individual. It is a common phenomenon in the life-or-death struggle between … Continue reading

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One of the other reasons it was great

We went to the Iron Maiden “Legacy of the Beast” show in Copenhagen, and this guy, Ken “Pooch” Van Druten, was the new FOH engineer. View this post on Instagram Introducing: Ken “Pooch” Van Druten! This lovely bloke here is … Continue reading

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