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Dating apps and data leakage

What could be worse than having a dating app make it possible for everyone else to pinpoint your current location down to less than a meter? Oh, have it be a dating app for a sexual orientation that is still … Læs resten

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Laws of surveillance, data and life

I have written about this before, but only in Danish. First law: Everything you write will be read. Everything you say will be heard. Everything you do will be seen. Second law: All data that can be linked will be … Læs resten

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Smart cars and surveillance

From the thread from a supposed former IT guy as Tesla: any connected car is ripe for data harvesting and you (the consumer) should expect it going forward. on that note, china has a law in place that mandates all … Læs resten

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Regarding digital evidence

Following up on the post about piracy and liability, I think we need a serious discussion about digital evidence. I have a big issue with digital evidence, as I know that it is entirely possible to produce data that looks … Læs resten

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Some piracy, liability and privacy considerations

Intellectual property piracy is illegal. We can argue about fair use or the European equivalent legal theories, about orphaned work, about what piracy offers of opportunities for licenseholders etc. but there is no doubt that it is illegal. But in … Læs resten

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How China and the West are different

In China facial recognition and ML is used to track criminals, dissidents and built a giant database of who interacts with who. In the West facial recognition and ML is used to track celebrities at the a royal wedding, so … Læs resten

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The GDPR is like a ballistic missile headed for the adtech sector. It might well work as intended but collateral damage is certain. Nonetheless I see the GDPR as an important political work towards securing our right to privacy. And … Læs resten

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Kreditkort og Sony Entertainment Network / Playstation

Det lader til at man ikke behøver at bekræfte sin email adresse før Sony Entertainment Network accepterer at modtage betalinger fra ens kreditkort. Hvilket betyder, at hvis man nu tilfældigvis har indtastet en forkert email adresse, så er det den … Læs resten

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Så hvad betyder det at logge ind med Facebook?

Når nu Facebook er en af de tjenester der vinder udbredelse til autentificering på andre hjemmesider (debatfora og konkurrencer med mere), hvilke oplysninger videregiver Facebook så egentlig? Det er nok ikke nogen overraskelse at det afhænger af hvad det site vil … Læs resten

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Alt hvad du skriver vil blive læst. Alt hvad du siger vil blive hørt. Alt hvad du gør vil blive set. Selv dem der har indset at det er tilfældet overser ofte hvor generelt det gælder. Der er de situationer … Læs resten

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