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Plastic straws

Banning plastic straws achieves nothing. Or at least, nothing good. It does achieve a couple bad things though: it gives people a false sense that something is being done to address ocean plastics, and misleads people about the true sources … Continue reading

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Am I smarter than Amazon?

This is a really good question from Paul Graham: If your “high end” online store sets off some Javascript effect every time the user touches something, it might be worth asking why Amazon.com doesn’t do this. Is it because Bezos … Continue reading

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Every Christmas season, I realize how little progress online shopping has made since the late 1990s. I’m still unsure if the item’s really in stock, still typing many characters in forms, still getting my credit card rejected with random opaque … Continue reading

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Conformism and why I think Coinbase has a point

Paul Graham, whom I really should have followed more closely, recently wrote about conformism and defined four quadrants, four types, of people: Aggressively conventional-minded, passively conventional-minded, passively independent-minded, and aggressively independent-minded. The call of the aggressively conventional-minded is “Crush <outgroup>!” … Continue reading

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