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And that is why Trump might win, again

Did you hear that CNN’s Jim Acosta was barred from White House press conferences? That CNN sues the president and others over this? Oh, did you hear that this happened in the aftermath of the firing of Jeff Sessions and … Læs resten

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Tourist complaining about too many tourists

I like Jonathan Zdziarski, who, after having been an expert in iOS security for years, last year was hired by Apple. Apart from writing about IT security, he also writes about morality, travel and photography. And I get what he means … Læs resten

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Word Play Hotel

(Youtube) Foil Arms and Hog have many videos.

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100 years

100 years ago, today, now.

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Williams and Formula 1

Williams make fast cars. The only cars faster are Formula 1 cars. But I liked the documentary about Sir Frank Williams, “Williams“.

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I like these T-shirt designs

I like these T-shirt designs, especially this Earth-to-Mars design. Simple and communicative.

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Looking for the unintentional consequences

This was predictable: I was not sure when I would use this feature… till today. @elonmusk @tesla — D Shawn Kennedy (@rarelyserious) October 31, 2018 (twitter) A man uses the “summon” feature of his Tesla car to avoid parking … Læs resten

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Dumb criminals

Lowering the Bar regularly feature stories about criminals trying to escape by water, something that almost always fails. I think this is a good example of other things you shouldn’t do, if you have decided to become a criminal: Don’t … Læs resten

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The nematode that can park a car

There’s still hope for those that struggle with parking. With proper training, an “AI” (ML) based on the C.elegans nematode, which only has 12 neurons, was able to park a vehicle. Of course, having more neurons may complicate matters.

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Legal witchcraft

First they legalised marijuana, now witchcraft? “Canada to Legalize Witchcraft“, by Lowering the Bar, describes the issue which, if you want to entertain, is that it is currently illegal to pretend to exercise witchcraft but not to actually exercise witchcraft. If you … Læs resten

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