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I think that this explains a lot of the growing distrust of authorities: […] the West has formulated a symbolic representation of the ideal human being, and that ideal human being is the person who speaks the truth to change … Læs resten

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Sleep is still a mystery but here’s a pretty good summary of the state of the latest theories of sleep: “While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey” The waking brain is optimized for collecting external stimuli, the … Læs resten

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The other side of the Peter Principle

Do it once, it's an experiment.Do it a bit, it's a phase.Do it a little for a long time, it's a hobby.Do it a lot for a long time, it's a calling.Do it constantly, it's an obsession.The world shames you … Læs resten

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How to ask for a favour

Be direct Explain why Provide exit The third step is in my view the most important and is often overlooked in other social interactions as well. It is the genuine expression that you are asking, not commanding, and provides the … Læs resten

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TIL: This thing exists

Today I learned that this movie exists: It isn’t all bad though. It isn’t like a “the ship rose from the depths of the ocean” kind of thing.

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A little something for the conspiracy-types

I recently got a comment on this blog from someone who seemed to believe that BIG PHARMA wasn’t actually trying to find any cures because there was too much money in people being sick. This was, of course, coupled with … Læs resten

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So. We are going to get upload filters and a link tax

This is not great. The European Parliament chose to view the internet as a place for big corporations, not individual expression.

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Social Justice

I wonder if there is an older record of the concept of social justice than the story of Naboth’s Vineyard from 1 Kings 21. The conclusion, in 1 Kings 21:17-19 Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite: “Go … Læs resten

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TIL: Dune

Today I learned that Dune, while originally printed in the sci-fi magazine Analog in two parts, was first published as a book by a publishing company specializing in trade magazines and automotive manuals. They only got to publish the first … Læs resten

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The future is bright

I finally have a plan for retirement. I am going to do this:

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