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A quote about bitcoin

Remember, Bitcoin is a speculative investment vehicle whose fundamental value is mainly rooted in the scarcity of electricity. Its complete destruction of a generation’s ecological progress is not a side effect, but its essence. It should be treated legally like … Læs resten

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Hold dig til filosofi, Nottelmann

Lektor i filosofi ved SDU, Nikolaj Nottelmann, har i Weekendavisen skrevet følgende om strafferet: Det kan nemlig hævdes, at gerningsmanden på grund af sin kulturelle baggrund og isolation fejlagtigt antog, at hendes strafbare handling slet ikke var strafbar, eller i … Læs resten

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Change your passwords, now

People tend to use the same password more than one place Facebook stored the passwords of users in plain text, discoverable at least by Facebook employees, since 2012 Culture eats strategy for breakfast. But, in the case of Facebook culture … Læs resten

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A train stop

This train stop in Japan has no exit. It is intended solely for sightseeing, from the platform. A true hop off, hop on destination.

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The world is about to get a lot more excellent. Watch this special announcement from your two favorite dudes! 8.21.20 🎸⚡️ — Bill & Ted 3 (@BillandTed3) March 20, 2019 (Twitter)

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You probably don’t know these friends of mine, but this exchange on a private forum says so much about them:

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Public shaming

Probably John Oliver’s most important episode of Last Week Tonight yet; including a very good interview with the most public shamed person, Monica Lewinsky: (Youtube) And of cource here’s Lewinsky’s TED talk from 2015: (TED)

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What the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes tells us

The US Department of Transportion is now investigating the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) approval of the Boeing 737 MAX planes and so far it would appear that it could be bad. In fact, much of the certification might have been … Læs resten

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Kids striking for climate is adult hijacking

Kids striking for climate is yet another hijacking of the minds of the youth to serve a different political cause. I am not saying that we shouldn’t do something about climate; nor that it is any more or less important … Læs resten

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TIL: Omega means large O

Today I Learned that the greek omega “Ω” means large O while omicron “Ο” means small o. I find this confusing as I thought it concerned casing, but lower case “Ω” is “ω”, while lower case “Ο” is “ο”

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