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Alexa might spell the end of the independent seller

If invisible interfaces succeed – which I am not entirely sure they will – Alexa will function as a barrier of entry for independents sellers. Which is probably why Amazon is so focused on it. Google, Apple and Microsoft try … Læs resten

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Voice assistants suck

Paraphrasing the Nielsen Norman Group, voice assistants suck. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and, I am guessing, Cortana. Of course, the level of suck depends on your mastery of English accents, so I expect they suck more for Danes than … Læs resten

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Virtual Assistant Dark Patterns and Amazon’s Alexa

It is probably unfair to go after Amazon and their Alexa, but this time it was them. Amazon confirms that Alexa, their Virtual Assistant, was triggered by the sounds in the home to start listening, parsed the following information to … Læs resten

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Hvem skal lytte med?

Amazon Alexa er en enhed til stemmestyring af forskellige ting i hjemmet, såsom lys, film, varme. Og da det er et Amazon produkt er den prækonfigureret til at kunne foretage bestillinger via Amazon. Så det kan ikke overraske at det … Læs resten

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