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Class system

A classic with The Two Ronnies (and John Cleese): (Youtube) Yes, I know this was before their show The Two Ronnies (I think it was on The Frost Report, with the same David Frost who later did the Nixon interviews).

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Arrogance in hopelessness

There’s a dangerous arrogance to hopelessness […] Total hopelessness assumes that we know everything there is to know. …When we think we know everything, we preclude opportunity. — Jeremy Jackson

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Tug of war

The cutest tug-of-war game ever(rottweilermom / IG) — Woof Woof® (@WoofWoof_TV) September 23, 2019 (twitter)

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Cuban sounds were a side-effect

The sonic attacks on Canadian and American diplomats were, as expected, not sonic. The perceived sounds were probably a side-effect of the damage inflicted on the brains of those exposed to particularly nasty insecticides. Insecticides that are illegal in most … Continue reading

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Sound advice

This is actually sound advice; don’t try to learn how law works from the dictionary. Warning, the tweet below is written in Sarcasm: Most of you simply don’t have the raw intelligence or keen grasp of human behavior to understand … Continue reading

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Another sort-of political post, but also a humane post

Due to recent events, I would like to observe that when people are invested in another person, they tend to be willing to defend that person far longer than other people think is reasonable. Please be kind; it appears that … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise higher than expected

The estimated future SLR (Sea Level Rise) was just adjusted by IPCC. From the previous report (AR5) the estimate is now about 55 cm over the next 80 years (RCP4.5, range is 39-72 cm)*. In the worst-case scenario it is … Continue reading

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Permanent Record

I am going to read Edward Snowden’s memoir, “Permanent Record“. I will never forget the moment on June 9, 2013, when I watched a video of a skinny, serious, unshaven man named Edward Snowden introduce himself to the world as the source … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg striding purposefully down a hallway, but unsure of where he is going. It's like a metaphor come to life — Mathew Ingram (@mathewi) September 19, 2019 (twitter)

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About tomorrow’s climate strike

Or, as this is more about marketing than reality I’d probably need to write it as “Climate Strike”: American teens are now afraid, angry and helpless. But this feeling is the result of a sham; the world is not ending. … Continue reading

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