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No trade secrets for foreigners in China

This is at least interesting for anyone doing business – or traveling as a tourist – in China: It is important to fully understand what this means. Under the Cybersecurity Law, the Chinese government has the right to obtain from any person … Læs resten

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Worldwide censorship from the EU

The European Court of Justice just decided that a lower, national, court can order a company to remove user’s post, globally. This is of course terrible. It’s also a great example of what happens when no-one is fighting back against … Læs resten

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Google News

Thomas Baekdal (previously) responds to the story that “Google won’t pay french publishers for snippets” with a thread: I got an email this morning asking for my views on 'Google won't pay french publishers for snippets" … so here is … Læs resten

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Legal advice

I should not give generic legal advice but this is one of the exceptions: When questioned in relation to a criminal investigation, get legal counsel. I generally trust Danish prosecutors and distrust any foreign prosecutor; even in Denmark me advice … Læs resten

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Sound advice

This is actually sound advice; don’t try to learn how law works from the dictionary. Warning, the tweet below is written in Sarcasm: Most of you simply don’t have the raw intelligence or keen grasp of human behavior to understand … Læs resten

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Read the fine print

The story of how an auction bidder ended up with a strip of land only 30 cm wide: “Auction Winner Learns Why Property Was Such a Great Deal: It’s Only 12 Inches Wide” If you don’t subscribe to Lowering the … Læs resten

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Hold dig til filosofi, Nottelmann *

Lektor i filosofi ved SDU, Nikolaj Nottelmann, har i Weekendavisen skrevet følgende om strafferet: Det kan nemlig hævdes, at gerningsmanden på grund af sin kulturelle baggrund og isolation fejlagtigt antog, at hendes strafbare handling slet ikke var strafbar, eller i … Læs resten

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If that’s your best defense…

Nordea is trying to defend itself from claims of them helping customers with tax-evasion. The defense? “There is no evidence our employees acted proactively”. Magnus Barsøe is right, there is no difference between acting actively and proactively, speaking criminally. And … Læs resten

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Navneforbuddet giver ikke mening

Navneforbuddet, som det håndhæves i Danmark, giver ikke længere mening. Jeg har et antal gange prøvet om navneforbud kunne omgås, ved at bruge de informationer som pressen frigiver og se om man kan identificere den person der skulle være beskyttet. … Læs resten

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I wish this photo was shareable

This photo, which I can’t include here. It seems impossible to imagine a more disappointed owl. I wish the photo was shareable, like with a Creative Commons license.

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