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“Apple more or less invented podcasting”

Next, some lazy journalist is going to claim Google invented blogging. It’s impressive lazy and/or dishonest to make a claim like that. No, Apple didn’t invent podcasting and most podcasts aren’t even using Apple’s infrastructure. It was probably people like … Continue reading

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Can anyone spot the missing category?

Not mine, but someone else received this not-very-nice message from Zoom: Their “Community Standards” page reads, in part, We believe that hateful conduct is conduct that promotes violence against or directly attacks or threatens other people on the basis of … Continue reading

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Stop chasing the fun

En af mine gamle venner fik mig til at besøge sitet Nerdist.com og kort efter begyndte jeg at høre Chris Hardwick’s podcasts. Det er principielt Hardwick, og måske medværter, der taler med komikere, skuespillere, musikere eller andre fra underholdningsbranchen i … Continue reading

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