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Listening in on other people’s children

Since apparently someone still thinks this is news, here we go again: Microsoft had third parties listening* in on Xbox recordings, sometimes of children and sometimes of recordings that had been made by mistake. I’ll repeat: Any internet connected camera … Læs resten

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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Læs resten

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Colour me surprised; it was surveillance, after all

Well, I wasn’t alone in stating that more than a year ago but still some pretend to be surprised. In short a new law in Denmark seek to pinpoint children in social risk by linking existing data sources. Laudable, but … Læs resten

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Watching the future with horror

Someone has taken Orwell’s warnings as a recipe: Some Chinese schoolchildren will now be tracked using chips in their uniforms. They are starting with the poorest areas first and then, once the kinks are ironed out, it will spread. The … Læs resten

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A “smart” car, just what we needed

As big corporations have decided to prefix any product with the word “smart” whenever they want to use it to harvest data on their consumers, it is getting a lot easier to spot these. GM (over here, Chevrolet) for instance … Læs resten

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Surveillance and democracy

Edward Snowden, on Malkia Cyril’s work combating surveillance of citizens: Malkia’s radical lesson is about the nature of rights: The best way to protect somebody is to protect everybody—especially the most vulnerable among us.

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Laws of surveillance, data and life

I have written about this before, but only in Danish. First law: Everything you write will be read. Everything you say will be heard. Everything you do will be seen. Second law: All data that can be linked will be … Læs resten

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Smart cars and surveillance

From the thread from a supposed former IT guy as Tesla: any connected car is ripe for data harvesting and you (the consumer) should expect it going forward. on that note, china has a law in place that mandates all … Læs resten

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So. We are going to get upload filters and a link tax

This is not great. The European Parliament chose to view the internet as a place for big corporations, not individual expression.

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If you agree with this

If you agree with Julia Reda on EU copyright reform, Danish MEP Jens Rohde will call you a communist, again. I don’t like being called a communist, as I consider it a horrendously dangerous and inhumane ideology. On the other … Læs resten

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