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This is getting ridiculous

The Nobel Peace Prize, previously awarded to Barack Obama before he chose to continue a lot of wars and increase the drone attacks, the EU for being, basically, the EU, Wangari Maathai who believed the conspiracy theory that HIV was … Læs resten

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Dark day for internet freedom: The @Europarl_EN has rubber-stamped copyright reform including #Article13 and #Article11. MEPs refused to even consider amendments. The results of the final vote: 348 in favor, 274 against #SaveYourInternet pic.twitter.com/8bHaPEEUk3 — Julia Reda (@Senficon) March 26, … Læs resten

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Please sign this petition today

Many people have written extensively why the proposed articles 11 and 13 of the upcoming EU Copyright Directive are bad, worse and the worst, myself included. Despite the opposition, the EU Parliament and EU Commission have decided on the possibly … Læs resten

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The two Brexiteers

I will not apologise for the headline :-) Thinking about the mess with Brexit, I would be embarrassed if I was British (yes, I know it’s the UK that currently is a member of EU, not just Great Britain). Embarrassed, … Læs resten

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Huawei and western incompetence

So, Huawei-as–a-national–network-supplier is in the news; I wrote about this almost 7 years ago, so “news” should be taken lightly. Is Huawei a security problem for western countries or is this either political posturing or an attempt at protecting national … Læs resten

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When censorship is too efficient

China has run into problems with their censorship: When you need workers to censor content, they have to know what they are censoring and if your censoring is too efficient, they wont know what they are supposed to be censoring. … Læs resten

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So. We are going to get upload filters and a link tax

This is not great. The European Parliament chose to view the internet as a place for big corporations, not individual expression.

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Hvad jeg skrev til parlamentet

SaveYourInternet har et redskab til at skrive til Europaparlamentets medlemmer om forslaget til ophavsretlig reform, specifikt artikel 13. Teksten de foreslår på dansk ligner der er oversat af en der ikke helt forstår dansk, så jeg skrev min egen. Jeg skrev … Læs resten

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If you agree with this

If you agree with Julia Reda on EU copyright reform, Danish MEP Jens Rohde will call you a communist, again. I don’t like being called a communist, as I consider it a horrendously dangerous and inhumane ideology. On the other … Læs resten

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Some piracy, liability and privacy considerations

Intellectual property piracy is illegal. We can argue about fair use or the European equivalent legal theories, about orphaned work, about what piracy offers of opportunities for licenseholders etc. but there is no doubt that it is illegal. But in … Læs resten

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