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Amateurs. Amateurs everywhere

In Richard Feynman’s first autobiography, he told the story of how the authorities tried to hide the purpose of the Manhattan Project by having all the scientist book tickets to different destinations. That way no-one would see that they were all … Continue reading

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If that’s your best defense…

Nordea is trying to defend itself from claims of them helping customers with tax-evasion. The defense? “There is no evidence our employees acted proactively”. Magnus Barsøe is right, there is no difference between acting actively and proactively, speaking criminally. And … Continue reading

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The UX 10 year challenge

From Cyrek Digital:  

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Interesting engineering

Jared Owen has an interesting Youtube-channel with animations of how things work, like pull-back toy cars, nerf guns, Rubik’s cube and more.  

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Illegal parking

The director of the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport in Spain would very much like the owner of this vehicle to move it: She may also want the owner to pay for the parking spot it has occupied for the past … Continue reading

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In the story about LiveJournal, there is this: “We were always saying we were fighting for the users, that we would run everything by the community before we did anything,” says Mark Smith, a software engineer who worked on LiveJournal … Continue reading

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Jeg forstår ikke det med Forældreintra

For det første, hvis man får stress af at få mange beskeder skal man nok arbejde med sit eget informations-filter. For det andet, hvis ikke beskederne bliver sendt på Forældreintra, vil de så ikke blive sendt ad andre kanaler? For … Continue reading

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Principles of journalism

American Press Institute has extracted the essential principles and practices of journalism from Kovach & Rosenstiel’s “The Elements of Journalism” and I think both journalists and the rest of us can benefit from being reminded of them: Journalism’s first obligation … Continue reading

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A great political speech

Senator Michael Bennet, democrat from Colorado, holds a great political speech; the problem is, who will listen to 20+ minutes of politics today? I think there are many fine points in this speech, though I’d probably skip the first couple … Continue reading

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Finally. An Ozzy Osbourne themed plush bat. With detachable head. — It almost certainly wasn’t a publicity stunt back in 1982. It most likely was the result of a teenager doing something stupid he thought was cool and Ozzy being … Continue reading

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