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Transcribing private conversations

Big Tech transcribes samples recorded from the microphones at our homes. We know this. I was honestly surprised that the Danish newspaper Politiken chose to treat the fact that Apple and Google had had private conversations of their users transcribed … Læs resten

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Alexa might spell the end of the independent seller

If invisible interfaces succeed – which I am not entirely sure they will – Alexa will function as a barrier of entry for independents sellers. Which is probably why Amazon is so focused on it. Google, Apple and Microsoft try … Læs resten

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How to appear like a villain – and the Sanders response

Jeff Bezos, not wanting to just appear like a Bond villain, has been in the news recently, due to reports on the state of the work conditions in the Amazon storehouses. These stories are not new; back in 2012 I wrote … Læs resten

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Google not being evil

While Google was created with the words “Don’t be evil” as its foundation – later replaced by the parent company Alphabet’s “Do the right thing” – we have long known that the company no longer adhered to this slogan. I … Læs resten

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How to appear like a Bond villain

I will be last person to discourage space exploration; I know that we have benefited greatly from the research and findings from it. But when Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says this The only way that I can see to deploy this … Læs resten

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Virtual Assistant Dark Patterns and Amazon’s Alexa

It is probably unfair to go after Amazon and their Alexa, but this time it was them. Amazon confirms that Alexa, their Virtual Assistant, was triggered by the sounds in the home to start listening, parsed the following information to … Læs resten

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Det kan ikke være en god ide at lave en kopibeskyttelse til spil der betyder at mange kunder slet ikke kan spille det. tl;dr: Assassin’s Creed Origins har ikke et kopibeskyttelsessystem, men to, hvilket betyder at der kræves meget mere … Læs resten

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To forudsigelser

Den mest anvendte arbejdsbetegnelse i stort set alle amerikanske stater er lastbilchauffør. Forudsigelse 1 er mange allerede kommet med: Det arbejde forsvinder når selvkørende lastbiler kommer om få år. Forudsigelse 2: Eftersom Amazon nu er begyndt at købe lastbiler til at … Læs resten

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Amazon Lumberyard

Så kom Amazon’s 3D-spil engine, Lumberyard. Jeg ville ønske jeg havde tid til at lege med den men sådan er det ikke. Til gengæld vil jeg foreslå enhver der tænker på forretningsstrategi at læse Simon Wardley’s “What to do about … Læs resten

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E-bøger uden DRM

Tom Doherty, grundlægger af Tor Books, har de sidste to år ikke haft kopibeskyttelse i form af DRM på deres e-bøger. Det har ikke betydet at deres bøger er blevet kopieret mere. Det kan ikke undre nogen der har bare … Læs resten

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