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Boeing 737 Max, a thought

The more I read about the possible causes for the Boeing 737 Max crashes, the more I think it looks like the management failures that lead to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, perhaps best described in Richard P. Feynman’s “What … Læs resten

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Either and other

This leaves me to ponder, if it’s not the option and not the not-option, what other option is there?

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Bitdefender: This is stupid

I think Bitdefender is one of the absolutely best antivirus systems and I use them. It also seem to be good at stopping ransomware. My subscription is coming up, and armed with the knowledge I got last year, I went … Læs resten

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CSS optimisation

I still do some CSS for websites but just now I learned that browsers read CSS selectors from right to left. One of the important things to understand about how browsers read your CSS selectors, is that they read them … Læs resten

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A different bio-hazard

Just found this 6 year old story about a train accident caused by millipedes on the tracks. Apparently the Portuguese Millipede, an invasive species in Australia, likes to cling to railway tracks and, when crushed, can cause the tracks to … Læs resten

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Size of that black hole

By now all have probably heard about the first image of a black hole, and I bet most people have no idea of the implications of that. No matter. I myself had no idea of the scale of the black … Læs resten

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12 years later it finally fell apart

I have been following the reporting done by Berlingske on the case about doctors certifying the physical and not least mental health of pilots in Denmark. Apparently one of the most senior doctors in the field had fudged the documentation … Læs resten

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Laziness as politics

A recent exchange on LinkedIn, of all places, fits nicely with this article by Brandon Shollenberger I recently found. I can see that I probably don’t agree much with Shollenberger, but these two sentences should be considered: This gives rise … Læs resten

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How to cook bacon


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Cyclists are people too

Some years ago I wrote about how drivers kept a different distance to cyclists with bike-helmets (short) and without (long), and how the distance also increased for female cyclists. A recent research project seem to indicate that there’s a related … Læs resten

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