Facebook accidentally accessing your camera

At this point, why bother?

Facebook users, who really should reconsider their life choices right about now, are noticing that Facebook’s iOS app is accessing their iPhone or iPad camera while they’re doing completely unrelated things, like skimming their FB feed to catch up on what friends are posting.

I’ll remind you:

Facebook will continue to abuse the trust people place in them; they exist to exploit other people’s private information, it is the only reason they exist and not doing so would require the company to be rebuild from the bottom up.

Yes, it might be a bug, but would anyone truly be surprised if it turned out it wasn’t?

I’ll second the need for a hardware indicator on phones, tablets and computers that indicates that the wireless, camera, microphone or location is accessed and on iOS, it should be in the secure enclave, so it can’t be turned off by apps.

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