Delete Facebook

This is your regularly scheduled reminder to delete Facebook.

This time brought to you by “why do we keep tracking the location of our users, even after they turned location tracking off? Because we want the location data.”

Facebook acknowledged it also targets ads based on the limited location information it receives when users turn off or limit tracking. Facebook doesn’t allow users to turn off location-based ads, although it does allow users to block Facebook from collecting their precise location, the company wrote.
— Lauren Feiner, “Facebook fails to convince lawmakers it needs to track your location at all times

Facebook admits it. Turn off “location services” and they’ll STILL track your location to make money (by sending you ads). There is no opting out. No control over your personal information.
Josh Hawley

In short, Facebook has yet again proved that if they want information on their users, they will collect it even if the users have told Facebook that they can’t have it. Facebook’s nature is to collect as much information as possible to sell it to someone else and they will never change; if they changed, they wouldn’t be Facebook anymore.

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