The annual Bitdefender idiocy

If I didn’t like Bitdefender the product, Bitdefender the company would have turned me away a couple of years ago.

Annually I cancel my subscription because cancelling it gives me a great discount. So, Bitdefender works like a tax on loyal customers. Last year I got from €69.99 to €45.49 and this year it went from €79.99 to €40.00.

Bitdefender is a great anti-virus product at the moment, but this treatment is stupid.

Why do I keep sending them money? Could it be that all of this is a clever ploy to keep customers by giving them huge discounts when they are going to cancel? Well, duh! But actually the product is worth more than I am paying – I am not going to say how much I would pay – and just about what I am paying plus the annoyance from their sales strategy. But I am sure as heck not loyal.















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