Quick thoughts about national security, Germany, and Russia

I believe that a nation needs to be self-reliant in order to be secure. I acknowledge that “nation” can be a larger group, like the EU, provided that group can be trusted to act correctly and in unison. Sometimes “nation” is too big, if said nation is corrupt or generally lack the basic infrastructure to react to a crisis.

So, I believe that we should be able to get food, water, energy etc. on our own, if need be. The basic infrastructure needs to work independently of other nations and this includes everything from phones, radio, internet to medicine.

I therefore disagreed when the Danish government sold the Danish vaccine production facilities to Saudi Arabia a few years ago.

I am also highly suspicious of Russia and their actions. Suspicious isn’t actually the word.

So, why does EU want to rely on Russia for their energy supply? I am not talking about the fact that that is energy from fossil fuels, though that is also an issue. No, why rely on a government we know are hostile towards us?

And it appears that Germany is the reason why the EU is so happy to deal with Russia as if they were our friendly neighbour to the east. Why? We know the Russian government will abuse their power when they need to. Why make us dependent on a hostile neighbour?













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2 Responses to Quick thoughts about national security, Germany, and Russia

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