Husk nu: Ingen julegaver som børnene kan tale til, eller som i øvrigt kræver at være online.

F.eks. Furby Connect, Toy-Fi Teddy, i-Que Intelligent Robot, Cloudpets, smart ure, Hello Barbie og meget andet.

Der er to grunde:

  1. Sikkerhedsniveauet er simpelthen horribelt; du ved ikke hvem der gennem julegaven får adgang til mikrofon, højtaler, kamera eller sågar hele dit hjemmenetværk
  2. Når producenten ikke længere sælger nok nye enheder lukkes serverne hvorefter alle de julegaver der er blevet givet holder op med at virke

Generelt for IoT produkter vil jeg citere Cory Doctorow:

[…] there is no IoT business model. Hardware starts at a 2% margin and falls from there. IoT companies get capital by promising to monopolize an “ecosystem” — controlling app stores, service, parts, and consumables, and by collecting as much data as possible in case they might get an exit by selling the company to someone who wants access to it. These firms have no incentive to invest in any but the most cursory security measures (because by the time a breach occurs, they will either be a division of a larger company or out of business), and anything they spend it money they can’t use to keep the doors open while they look for an exit or a profit.

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