Typiske fejl

Jeg har linket til de fleste af disse tidligere men i min erfaring er det aldrig nok, og desuden har jeg fundet flere: Typiske fejl og misforståelser udviklere har om … (med eksempler)

Tid, (1) og (2)

  • A week always begins and ends in the same month.
  • A week (or a month) always begins and ends in the same year.
  • The machine that a program runs on will always be in the GMT time zone.
  • Ok, that’s not true. But at least the time zone in which a program has to run will never change.
  • Well, surely there will never be a change to the time zone in which a program hast to run in production.


  • Place names follow the character rules of the language
  • Place names can be written with the exhaustive character set of a country
  • Countries have capitals


  • People’s names are written in any single character set.
  • People’s names are all mapped in Unicode code points.
  • People’s names are case sensitive.
  • People’s names are case insensitive.
  • People’s names sometimes have prefixes or suffixes, but you can safely ignore those.
  • People’s names do not contain numbers.


  • No buildings are numbered zero
  • We can put those funny numbers into the building name field, as no buildings have both a name and a funny number
  • A building number will only be used once per street


  • There are two and only two genders.
  • Okay, then there are two and only two biological genders.
  • Once gender is set, it never changes.
  • Even if the gender can change, it will only change from the one value to the other value.

Det er også en god ide at se Michael Hunter’s (lidt gamle) “Did I Remember To” og udvidede “You Are Not Done Yet” tjeklister.

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