The nematode that can park a car

There’s still hope for those that struggle with parking. With proper training, an “AI” (ML) based on the C.elegans nematode, which only has 12 neurons, was able to park a vehicle.

Of course, having more neurons may complicate matters.

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Legal witchcraft

First they legalised marijuana, now witchcraft?

Canada to Legalize Witchcraft“, by Lowering the Bar, describes the issue which, if you want to entertain, is that it is currently illegal to pretend to exercise witchcraft but not to actually exercise witchcraft.

If you want to look at it from a legal point of view, pretending to exercise witchcraft is a specific form of fraud and therefore you don’t really need to criminalise it, specifically.

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Flow TV is the wrong term

Or rather flow TV is not the term consumers should use, as it more accurately describes how broadcasters try to capture and retain an audience by keeping it from changing channels or doing something else.

As a consumer, “flow” should conjure the image of being caught in a stream (no pun intended) which tries to carry you away against your will.

I think I understand the term as it was originally used in studies in USA, and I think it is somewhat more appropriate to the way American television is constructed.

“Scheduled TV” would be a better term, if you want to describe it from the consumer point of view.

This is then added to one of my pet peeves, along with responsive web design, which isn’t responsive at all. It is adaptive, adapting to the device of the consumer. Unless of course the response you are looking for is to people changing the size of their browser windows.

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One of the reasons I like Dominus

Mark Jason Dominus is a developer and I have had the pleasure of meeting him several times at conferences in USA. I doubt he remembers me, but he actually gave me my very first serious introduction to computer security, in a talk back in 1998.

Dominus has many interests and as he changed the format of his blog to include what he calls his shitposts, a lot more interesting and funny posts have come from him. Read his “That’s okay, I can wait” as a great example of the type of nerdy humour I like:

When I was a sysadmin at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the grad students asked me if I knew that “gullible” was missing from the dictionary. This is the oldest trick in the book. [continued]

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Om finansiering af offentlige tjenester

I en artikel om Bestseller-koncernens foreslåede skyskraber, der ville være den højeste bygning i hele Vesteuropa, står der angående eventuelle udgifter til at sikre det nødvendige brandberedskab:

Hvis Bestseller-projektet kommer til at kræve flere ressourcer til det lokale brandvæsen, er modekoncernen åben for at finansiere det.

Det kommer dog ikke på tale ifølge Michael Jacobsen fra brandvæsenet. Finansieringen vil i stedet komme fra de tre kommuner, der ejer Brand & Redning Midtvest, fortæller han.

Man kunne godt argumentere for at en virksomhed som pålægger det offentlige helt specifikke krav selv skulle betale for det. Men alle krav er reelt helt specifikke, det er kun et spørgsmål om hvilken vinkel man anvender.

Jeg tænker at Bestseller-koncernens intentioner er gode, og selvom de måske kan dække over bevidstheden om at det aldrig vil blive aktuelt at finansiere beredskabet så er jeg sikker på at der ikke er nogen dårlige intentioner.

Alligevel er der en risiko ved at lade private finansiere specifikke dele af offentlige tjenester. De kunne f.eks. lægge pres på for at få prioriteret adgang og vil under alle omstændigheder skabe et afhængighedsforhold som vil påvirke de offentlige myndigheders adgang til at træffe beslutninger.

Så det er godt at brandvæsenet afviser den finansiering. Så må kommunerne finde pengene gennem den vækst som byggeriet i øvrigt skulle skabe.

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A “smart” car, just what we needed

As big corporations have decided to prefix any product with the word “smart” whenever they want to use it to harvest data on their consumers, it is getting a lot easier to spot these.

GM (over here, Chevrolet) for instance chose to capture which radio stations their customers were listening to, combined with volume levels, timestamps and locations. Then they plan on selling that data to advertisers, I am guessing they will add their in-house data such as age, income group, name and address.

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A difference between Europe and China

I probably put to much into this, but I think it’s interesting that the largest, nominally communist country in the world uses this technology to enable banks to communicate securely, while capitalist west uses it to communicate between universities.

It’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and it promises to be an unhackable quantum internet.

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A last name that was good enough

To follow up on the post yesterday, I have to mention Goodenough. I don’t know who Goodenough Bay is named after, but Goodenough’s Island (now Rarotonga), Goodenough Island (no relation) and Goodenough College are all named after different men with the last name Goodenough.

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Unfitting last name

Current Chief of Police for the Portland Police Bureau is Danielle Outlaw. I only found out about it through her quotes in this article, but with a name like that I think she has come a long way :-)

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Warren Buffet(t)

There’s a fake twitter profile for Warren Buffett, and I think this is from that but I can’t find the source: “Warren Buffet on what’s cool

  1. saying ‘thank you’
  2. apologizing when wrong
  3. showing up on time
  4. being nice to strangers
  5. listening without interrupting
  6. admitting you were wrong
  7. following your dreams
  8. being a mentor
  9. learning and using people’s names
  10. holding doors open

Of these, I have the hardest time with #9 and struggle with #5, #7 and #8. But it’s a good list. Even if it from a fake account.

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