Whatever Justice and No Debate

When people call their pet project Whatever Justice, like Social Justice, Racial Justice, Climate Justice, etc., it is an attempt circumvent debate about that project. And if you’ve been following a recent political movement in Britain that has openly adapted the No Debate moniker, you’ll see that this is often because if any debate actually happened the whole thing would fall apart.

One such example is Climate Justice, a term often used by neo-Malthusians who really wants to stop economic growth for ideological reasons. Climate Justice purports to try to address the “just” distribution of the benefits and burdens of climate change and responsibilities to deal with climate change. Except, in reality it just tries to stop economic growth, which is the one thing that actually help those most at risk from the effects of climate change.

If someone tries to evade a debate about their cause, assume that such a debate would be detrimental to the cause.













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