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Whatever Justice and No Debate

When people call their pet project Whatever Justice, like Social Justice, Racial Justice, Climate Justice, etc., it is an attempt circumvent debate about that project. And if you’ve been following a recent political movement in Britain that has openly adapted … Continue reading

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Fusion power

Back in the tail end of the 80’s – so, we are talking 30+ years now – I was part of a group visiting the Joint European Torus (JET) facility near Oxford, where the largest tokamak ever built resides. It’s … Continue reading

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The pro-scarcity Malthusians got us here

The world has run out of energy and we will probably have all sorts of shortages in the next couple of years because of it. And we chose to do so because we listened to the pro-scarcity Malthusians that pretend … Continue reading

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Uncomfortable thought about Nuclear Energy

Three things I’ve mentioned before: That nuclear power, had it been introduced today, would have been hailed as a saviour of the climate, as it, even sustainably, could provide us clean energy with zero emissions for millennia. Not only safer … Continue reading

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It’s easy to fall prey to the Malthusian Fallacy – that population growth is exponential but resource growth is linear. Especially if one looks at a chart of the population of the World (via): It does look rather frightening, doesn’t … Continue reading

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Some good news

Or, at least news if you, like me, didn’t know it before: We produce enough food for 10 billion people. That’s a surplus of 25% and as we are expected to peak with a population around 9-11 billion people, it … Continue reading

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