In legal speak: “Stop this Nonsense”

Some anti-vaxxer tried to silence a critic with a threat of a lawsuit and a lawyer volunteered to respond to them, explaining in legal speak why that lawsuit would fail, including this ending:

3.0 Stop this Nonsense

Your client states, on its website, “[w]e pledge to never engage in censorship, groupthink, or controlled messaging.” See . Similarly, on
November 22, 2019, your client stated on Facebook that it is “the arch nemesis of censorship and deception.” And on November 8, 2019, your client stated that it is an organization “where every voice is heard, and not one is louder than the others.” Your threat directly contradicts these statements. It is an attempt, through bullying, to censor our clients. It is an attempt to control messaging, to thwart the ability of anyone who disagrees with your client to be heard. It promotes but a single ideology, which necessitates groupthink.

In the immortal words of Master Yoda, “Stop it Now”.Bad Lip Reading, “SEAGULLS!(Stop It Now)”(Nov. 25, 2016) available at











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