Do something

I’ve mentioned this clip before; it is from 2004 when comedian Jon Stewart went on CNN’s Crossfire, effectively ending that program.


The clip became the most watched clip on iFilm (Youtube-before-Youtube) and has been seen more than 12½ million times on Youtube.

That CNN was unable to grasp the potential of the viral video they had is another story.

The real story, the mission Stewart was on, was that the Media (capital M) had to do something rather than play to the divisive powers in the nation. That Media needed to stop going for the easy view count and instead work on how problems can be solved and solutions found.

Crossfire was basically a show of two pundits saying the other was an idiot.

If this reminds you of how American politics became in the following years you are right. We need bipartisanship.

Or, in the case of countries with a more sane electoral system, polypartisanship.

I am only slightly disappointed to learn that I did not invent the word polypartisanship.








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