COVID-19 passports, revisited

I argued some time ago that we at present can’t really use the viral or antibody tests to determine who is (or is going to be) immune to COVID-19. This should, in and of itself, be enough to demonstrate that COVID-19 passports are a bad idea.

However, that is no guarantee that we won’t be seeing them so here are some more reasons why they are bad:

1. We don’t know when a person is actually immune to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 – or how long that immunity lasts. We don’t even know if the antibodies won’t make a second infection much worse, like in the case of dengue fever.

2. Even if we did and even if the tests were reliable, we are no-where near the needed volume to test a population.

3. So, privileged people will have easier access to testing and privileged people will be more likely to get the passport. Do we really want to reward this?

4. If a passport brings privileges in itself, some people would actively seek infection in order to be able to get the passports afterwards, exactly the opposite of our goal of social distancing.

5. And currently the number of infected and hopefully immune people are too low to boost the economy.

6. If we make such passports we would likely have to enter agreements with other countries; if they respect our results we will respect theirs. Do we trust those, most likely more corrupt than our, nations?









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