Googling is not enough

I regularly quote Benjamin Boyce because I think he has many smart things to say; 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, when he is not actively trying to be ironic.

I originally found Boyce on Youtube in connection with the meltdown of political correctness and the resulting racist events at an American college, Evergreen State College, Washington. After some initial videos he make a “The Complete Evergreen Story” series about his alma mater.

He is highly critical of the development of the college since 2017 and the current president of the college, while praising the college for what it has accomplished in the past. The series is also a deep dive into the reasons behind the meltdown, while he notes that the enrollment of students at Evergreen State College has been in a seeming free fall since 2017.

In the beginning you could find his videos with a simple Google search but in 2019 Evergreen State College hired a company to make the videos disappear from Google and a couple of weeks later they had succeeded. Even if you specifically add his name, the series can only get to a number 5 spot in the result, after 2 videos with interviews with Boyce.

Unfortunately for Evergreen State College, the other videos are also highly critical of the college, but they are more personal and opinions, rather than an actual work of documenting.

The lesson?

Friendly reminder that Google search can be bought, and your work can be memory-holed at their discretion










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