Thank you, Microsoft

That was sarcastic.

Today I ended up doing a Windows Update on my work PC, running Windows 10. For some reason this ended with me losing all the work I had in my documents folder, until I could recover it from remote storage.

It was most likely because of an unfortunate combination of Windows and OneDrive settings. See, my Windows is installed with the English language pack as I prefer my OS to be English. Even US English. This is not easy, as every update from Microsoft assumes that I want a Danish version, being in Denmark.

My IT Admin is very helpful and has made sure I can get my English version installed.

But today my Documents folder was renamed to Dokumenter.

At the same time, all contents were removed. If I didn’t still have a Documents folder I’d have assumed that it had simply been deleted, but it’s there. Empty.

So the content is only on OneDrive, where it apparently can’t be synced back to my machine, as the folder name has now been changed.

If I use Windows Explorer all my content is – magically – still there, but when I went to run one of my node scripts, my command prompt informed me the folder was empty.

Thank you, Microsoft.


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