Google not being evil

While Google was created with the words “Don’t be evil” as its foundation – later replaced by the parent company Alphabet’s “Do the right thing” – we have long known that the company no longer adhered to this slogan. I think Alphabet’s slogan is better, but in keeping with the old words I would have chosen “Don’t do evil”. If Alphabet would live up to its slogan it would be good.

But apparently a company of not-easily-replaced employees can be moved by the morals of those employees. This is great news, at least for a while.

The US Department of Defense has a big Skynet JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) project coming along, which will unite IT for all the US forces and integrate with AI. So, yeah, JEDI is Skynet.

Google was trying to get in on this project – 10 billion dollars is still a lot of money – but their employees started to rebel against a project combining their AI developments with drone killings.

Google is pulling out of that now. It’s good news in a small way, but the JEDI project will of course happen. With Bezos on his way to become the next Bond villain, I expect Amazon will bid on the contract…

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