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The NSO zero-click iMessage exploit

Interesting to read about the NSO exploit in “A deep dive into an NSO zero-click iMessage exploit: Remote Code Execution” from Project Zero. And this was the surprise: The exploit came in the form of a bitmap image in JBIG2 … Continue reading

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AI enhanced images

Topaz Lab’s Gigapixel AI is currently one the best image-upscaling tools for the commercial market and the results are usually impressive. Sometimes a bit too impressive, such as “Gigapixel AI Accidentally Added Ryan Gosling’s Face to This Photo“: This reminds … Continue reading

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Close but no cigar

Dagens bug/tl;dr: Nogle kopimaskiner udskifter nogle tal og bogstaver med andre. Tyskeren D. Kriesel har opdaget at en række Xerox skannere/kopimaskiner har udskiftet nogle tal med andre. Xerox har fundet fejlen og anerkendt Kriesel’s måde at omgå den på. Fejlen … Continue reading

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