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UFOs, one more time

The media couldn’t let a chance to roll out the UFO stories go to waste, so with the Pentagon release of grainy footage they jumped to it. In Denmark as well and those are mild compared to the imbeciles running … Continue reading

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No, no aliens have visited Earth

And may I just say, how the eff can any adult think so? The American government is releasing footage of so-called UFO sightings these days and for some reason otherwise seemingly sane people are taking this seriously. First of all, … Continue reading

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UFO’erne vil stadig være der

xkcd ramte som vanligt blot for et stykke tid siden med grafen her. Hvis UFO’er og andre usandsynlige teorier skulle være sande, ville udbredelsen af kameraer have vist det. Husk at gå til xkcd og få mouse-over teksten. Seth Godin har … Continue reading

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