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Musk’s latest gaffe, or: Why cheats should learn to keep quiet

It is no secret that I am no fan of Elon Musk, though I acknowledge that both Tesla kickstarted the true electric vehicle revolution, and that SpaceX is the leader of space technology. Yesterday Musk tweeted which obviously led people … Continue reading

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This take on Tesla and Musk

Matt Levine continues to write funny takes on Tesla’s stock and Musk: Eventually, all the boring finance people will sell their stock to fun people, so only the fun people will own the stock, so there’ll be no one left … Continue reading

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Self-driving is binary

I agree with Alex Roy, self-driving is binary. Either the car can safely bring you from A to B without your attention and action, or not. Self-driving is attainable, even if no-one has achieved it yet.

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Looking for the unintentional consequences

This was predictable: I was not sure when I would use this feature… till today. @elonmusk @tesla pic.twitter.com/bC6rFt2SuW — D Shawn Kennedy (@rarelyserious) October 31, 2018 (twitter) A man uses the “summon” feature of his Tesla car to avoid parking … Continue reading


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Two views of Musk

One, the man should have someone else control his communication. Or, at least, do what any sensible person does, don’t tweet / call / drive / do an interview while high / drunk / manic. Two, it is quite possible … Continue reading

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Smart cars and surveillance

From the thread from a supposed former IT guy as Tesla: any connected car is ripe for data harvesting and you (the consumer) should expect it going forward. on that note, china has a law in place that mandates all … Continue reading

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Pænt af Tesla at redde deres kunder

I en kort periode blev der solgt nogle Tesla biler med 75kW batterier, der via software var styret til at lade som om de var 60kW batterier. Da de orkanen Irma begyndte at nærme sig Florida sendte Tesla en opdatering … Continue reading

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Edison og/eller Tesla

Thomas Edison er generelt berømt som opfinder og huskes f.eks. for de glødepærer der i mange år har været den primære lyskilde i verdens hjem. At de snart ikke længere må sælges i EU skyldes mere miljøpolitik end en fejl … Continue reading

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