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Boeing 737 Max, a thought

The more I read about the possible causes for the Boeing 737 Max crashes, the more I think it looks like the management failures that lead to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, perhaps best described in Richard P. Feynman’s “What … Continue reading

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When someone is so smart they can’t answer a question

Richard Feynman was very smart. He was also a pedantic, so in this 6 minute clip he spends most of the time explaining how a question cannot be answered, while answering that same question more and more precisely: (Youtube) Feynman … Continue reading

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Optimistiske ledere

Tom Davis, i hans opsummering af lanceringen af IRIX 5.1, kommer med en vigtig observation tilbage i 1993: Optimists tend to be promoted, so the higher up in the organization you are, the more optimistic you tend to be. If one … Continue reading

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I dag er det 30 år siden Space Shuttle Challenger blev flået fra hinanden på vej mod kredsløb, lidt over et minut efter start. 17% af alle amerikanere så det direkte på TV og måske 85% vidste det var sket … Continue reading

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